Djenne Ba began her metaphysical studies in the spring of 1980 in San Francisco with Dr. Richard King. She is an Esoteric Astrologist, Metaphysical Lecturer and an advocate for Meditation. DB has studied with several African and Indian Master teachers in Metaphysics and  Meditation.  She specializes in Soul Purpose, Relationship Analysis and ASTRO CARTOGRAPHY, the science of Relocation. One of her major specialties is "Black Goddess Archetypes.” She uses Astrology as a tool for self- knowledge and empowerment.  She has lectured extensively and conducted various workshops in the SF Bay Area, New York City, Washington, D.C and worked with clients globally.
Astrology is the Golden  Key to Self-Knowledge...
Meditation is the Platinum Key to Self -Knowledge... ​​​​​​​
    "I have been receiving Astrology consultations from DB for a couple of years. She is intuitive and comprehensive in her practice. I have been able to receive meaningful guidance about Astro*Cartography and Relationship Analysis which have all given me insight in life. She supported me with areas where I felt stuck and and needed astrological coaching. She is the real deal."  
 Dr. Uzo Nwankpa
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